" For many, the world is a cruel place. Violence because of different perspectives, breaking laws carelessly without worry of who might come and stop them, and the pursuit of Hedonism. Yes, Hedonism. The physiology that acts in the pursuit of self-pleasure; through freewill, pleasuring yourself through consumption of alcohol or drugs, performing selfish activities, and going to limits unknown. Breaking the laws for the sake of satisfying your own conscious and its pitiful state. All of this outbreak and corruption is because people desire what makes them happy. They want to feel comfortable in their own skin, even if they know what they do is morally wrong. Individuals dream of a life where the rules abide by them. When the laws that keep the world balanced go against their morals, they try to change them or simply ignore them for the sake of self-pleasure. The world is a selfish and incredibly cruel place. And yet there is nothing we can do. The world is naturally broken due to the consumption of the Forbidden Fruit. Because of our sins, our pursuits of pleasure, our selfishness, people become damaged or discriminated in the process. You can try to avoid these inevitable mistakes, but it is impossible. For there is no perfect individual standing on this terrible Earth. In the heart of all this broken madness is the city of Provincia. A city full of citizens, many completely unaware, who live the Hedonistic lifestyle. "

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Shamble project title full

Shamble Project's Title Screen. Drawn by Party-Cat-Anthem.

A wikia dedicated to Shamble Project, (dubbed as Shams of Society) an RPG Maker VX Ace game created by Jaspers Blackburn. The game is a horror RPG game that takes place within the city of Provincia, a fictional city within Europe that is filled with crime, danger, and genocide. Dive into the world of Shamble Project, a story about a feline with corrupted powers who plans on curing himself from corrupted energy alongside his companions, who suffer the same fate of being corrupted.

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